🍕Red Baron Pizza (Deep Dish) 🍕(Part 1/ Mircowave) 

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Good mid morning everyone; 

Today I am going to review the “Red Baron Pizza”. I been hearing so many reviews as well as good and bad with it. Such as commercials on tv, word of mouth as well as what I see in shopping carts at the super market. I couldn’t resist to try it then review it. 

So let’s talk about “Deep Dish Pizza”. I think of Pizzaria Uno in Chicago. That deep dish; buttery crust. As well as massive cheese and sauce. Kind of like a “messy pizza”. Like L&B pizza. Can’t complain about that. 

But what the hell do we have here.

  • Looks  like the pizza you’ll get in public schools on “Pizza Friday”. I remember being in primary school/elementary school. Where almost every kid lined up to eat it. Some came up for seconds.
  • This looks like more of a miss then a hit.
  • The pepperonis aren’t so bad. The cheese tasted pretty decent. But the sauce and the crust tasted tasteless. 
  • Very gross. Wasn’t so crazy about it.

I’ll probably will rate this half of 10, which will bring me to 5. The Mircowave taste is gross. My next or whenever I’ll do part two. I’ll do the oven test.


I hope everyone has a good day and be well.



💕So It’s Thursday- Reviewing; “Uncle Louie Gs Cotton Candy Italian Ice”. 💕

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So a good 15 years and some what months I came across “Uncle Louie Gs”. Which was this 50+ Italian ice stand. From cotton candy to cantaloupe to other numerous flavors. Kind of like “Dolly’s Ices” in Mil Basin as well as “Ralph’s”, also “Rita’s”. Mainly those two are chain places. As for “Dolly’s” I think it’s interpendant. I have to ask somebody in Mil Basin to fill me in. So; lets talk about Uncle Louie Gs. Followed by my review and verdict. I do know it’s a chain for the metro NY area. Such as Brooklyn, queens, Staten Island and lastly the city. As I said in my first sentence; this place been around since I was 12. Millions to thousands of people lined up to try and  devouring the flavors. I loved the “sky blue” flavor. Which honestly, what does a sky taste like? Hmm blue dye number 1 covered in soft serve ice. But you didn’t know that as a child. But as an adult you know what lurks in your food. Sad huh? Now let’s talk about my first taste test of cotton candy; 

So I went to the one in Dyker Heights which is about 10 blocks from my house. I said “can I get the cotton candy”. The girl goes “we have the squeezy cup”. Umm what the hell is a “squeezy cup”. She goes “oh like a push up pop”. Whatever…

So I thought it would taste more like the Coney Island to any outdoor beachy like resort of cotton candy. Such as “Boardwalk style”. At those little stands of foods also drinks. This tastes more like an awkward experience of my childhood. Where I had to take the solution of Zithromax aka Azithromycin for a bad ear infection or some throat infection. Where it’s bright day glow pink from the red dye number 3. Damn, enough with putting dyes in our food. 

As I would and be honest to my rating for this. I’ll give it a very low rating of 3/10. Due to;

  • “The Squeezy Cup”
  • “The dreaded dye”
  • “The non actual taste of cotton candy”.

The price wasn’t so bad. I can not complain about that. It was about $2.25 between $2.50.

So yeah. I hope everyone has a good day and in closing; time to work out. Much love


Sorry.- Today’s Review “Wendys South West BBQ Ranch Salad”. 😋💚🍅🌽

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-Sorry I haven’t blogged in such a massive long time. I think the last time I “fully” blogged was about a week ago. Today’s review would be “Wendys BBQ Ranch Salad(South West). 

So let’s talk about this salad. 

  • First we have “pile on greens”. Such as iceberg lettuce& romaine.
  • Followed by corn kernels.
  • Some diced up tomato.
  • Cheddar cheese.
  • Grilled chicken.
  • Also BBQ sauce. 
  • Bacon.

I do believe it comes with BBQ ranch salad dressing. Which I didn’t use. Since the BBQ sauce was more or less of the dressing to me.

I have to admit- This salad was full of flavor such as the BBQ chicken, the fire roasted corn, also the lettuce. Love how the BBQ sauce is sweet but mild. (Don’t get me wrong- I do love a good BBQ sauce). The cheese gives off a nice flavor. Such as with chicken, and BBQ sauce. Like those pairs always should be together. Such as bacon and cheese, as seen in the salad. As well as strawberry banana. I do have to admit- I am loving this salad and I would love to buy it again too. 😍

In closing; I hope everyone has a wonderful day and be well. 

•So Good Morning•

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Good Morning Everyone;

This is going to be a quick little blog on a quote I found on Pinterest as in a pin. I thought I’ll analyze it by using my own words. Kind of like what I feel and think of the quote.

As you see it’s in a box formation. Such as in an off white with black lettering. Quoting “I believe in loyalty above everything. It’s all or nothing with me”.

Which sums up;

I meaning myself believing in loyalty as in a person. Where it’s what you as a person believes in. From what anybody else tells you. You tune them out. Cause either it’s a negative impulse or a rumor. As well as something insecure. Either way false facts. Above anything is what you believe in your heart. Kind of like your gut feeling. Then followed by “its all or nothing with me”. Either you are born with being loyal as in your blood. Or you are utterly fake where you want to earn it.

Anyways; That is how I feel about this quote. If you want me to review or analyze more quotes I’ll be happy to assist you.

Be well and happy Saturday. Today my stomach hurts once again. 

Much love 😘💕

Thursday Morning Routine 😍❤️

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I was going to blog on this yesterday. But it was too hot out as well as I was tired. Welcome back to Thursday’s routine then I’ll do Friday’s. 

So first I woke up around 7ish- Cause it was too hot and humid out. Welcome to the summer of 2015.

I went into Twitter; Facebook and Instagram to read posts. Favor some tweets; liked some pics on Facebook& Instagram. Did the happy bday wishing.

Followed by; I did my arm work out. Very slightly though. Since I felt kinda sore. I did one rep of biceps, triceps and laterals. I was going to do squats. But I felt tired. From barely sleeping the night before.

Then I jotted it down in my hot pink fitness journal. While I drank my first 32 oz bottle of the day. 

My mom went to the deli for breakfast. So she got me a untoasted plain bagel and coffee.

Then I brushed my hair and teeth. Pulled my hair back in a pony tail. 

I had the dentist at 1pm. I’ll explain about that next if anybody is interested. 

Then I listened to some music& just relaxed. Went on Pinterest; looking for water recipes.

Anyways- I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and be well.

Rose Red 🌹

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If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know this post too well. Yesterday I took a picture of a red rose& tagging my friends in it. Via Twitter; I was going to post it on Facebook but I’ll mainly do it on Instagram next. For my friends from high school and middle school too.  

  As I wrote “Passing onto your page showing you some love. As well as telling u that u are beautiful inside&out.” ❤️🌹

Cause every now and then we do need a pick me up. Such as inspiring; kind and thoughtful words. As in a pick me up. Such as having a hard and rough day I want to make you smile. Cause in life; I rather be loyal then anything else. Plus I always put others before me.

And lastly a rose always symbolizes beauty and love. 

So I thought I would just clear this up by explaining about it.

Anyways- I will be doing a morning routine; depends on how well I fair at the dentist today. 

Fitness Journal/Fitness Log ❤️💪🏼 

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So Good Morning Everyone;

I’m back with my new hard cover journal from Barnes& Noble. Which I just picked up yesterday for only 6 dollars. I was going to get a “Mole Skin” but those are overall too expensive for my taste. Like 20 dollars for a note book to jot down my notes. That’s crazy I’m sorry.  


💕So I thought about getting it in hot pink like a neon pink. 💕Hot pink is always a cheery yet a positive color. Which makes me smile& makes me want to work out more. 

As always on the cover we have the white letters in hallow lettering though. Saying “Journal” in white. I had my green fitness journal from my moms friend. As seen in my previous blog. But I would be using this now. Love that it’s hard cover and heavy in the cover too. 

Here is some tips what I keep in my journal. Maybe you or somebody can benefit from it.

  • First I keep my mood. Such as my feeling as in happy; pissed; annoyed and etc.
  • Then I jot down my excercise such as an arm work out; squats.
  • After that- I put my water in take in such as 32oz. Whenever I drink water.
  • Then in my subject/ title bar I keep “Week One” also my current weight.
  • As well as I date my work outs like a typical diary.

Plus I decided on adding stickers to this. 

Anyways- I hope everyone has a good day and be well. 💪🏼❤️

Food For Thought•

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Words For Thought. You think in the greatest country in the world. Our children should be fed like royalty. Such as giving them healthy produce as well as healthy lean meats. As well as what is compared to the images. Such as Italy; France; Spain& Finland. But no- this is why America is first leading country in obesity. Cause of eating crappy school meals. When I was a kid- it was five in 10 million of having a fat child. Now it’s 100 in one million. It’s up to parents to be advised as in advise givers to their child. By cooking healthy meals. To make their child prevent the diseases later on in life. Cmon USA open your eyes. When you see this image. Compared to other countries. Think about it. #FoodForThought #ChildhoodObesity #SchoolLunches

Week 1 Into Fitness 💪🏼❤️- Tip 1

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Welcome to my weekly segment on fitness. I do ideas on a blog title of this. Such as “Getting Fit With Me”. Cause I want to include my viewers into this too. We meaning you and I are in this together. Let’s benefit from this and remember we are all new at this. Let’s talk about this;

I got this journal/ diary for my bday from my moms friend. I’m not so much of a “big writer”. Aside from reviewing things like makeup; fashion tips; advice and etc”. Then I thought I would use this to jot down my progress in weight lost as well as other things. Like let’s talk about this week so far.

Monday I did 2 reps of biceps; triceps and laterals. Followed by ten squats.

Tuesday I did my usual two reps for my arms as I listed above. Followed by twenty squats.

And today is Wednesday I did my usual arm reps too. Followed by thirty squats.

I did record this into my journal. Followed by my fruit intake as well as water in take.

Today I had mangos; strawberries& kiwis. Pretty much I been eating the “rainbow”. 

I do hope everyone has a wonderful day and be well too.


Wednesday Morning Routine 💕

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As you been following this weekly series on my week routine especially mornings. Every day my routine changes. Welcome to Wednesday June 10th,2015. 

Can you imagine the year is just flying!? Damn.

First things- I woke up around 7:30ish. Something about the summer and waking up early seems refreshing. Cause lately I been living on fresh fruits.

Then I signed into Twitter; looking at my comments from the night before as well as into this morning. My first tweet was from my friend Gina; tweeting my twitter family and I. Then I signed into Instagtam- looking at selfies; fit grams and etc. As well as x amount of likes I got thru out the night. And lastly Facebook; did the happy bday routine; answered comments. Mainly social media fun hour.

Followed by writing out my bank slip; Cause I had to pay some bills today. Welcome to adulthood. Paid my Macy’s; Verizon; American Express and Chase bill. Then the bank.

Then I went for breakfast with my mom. This morning I went with a toasted bagel with butter as well as coffee. Quick and easy.

Followed by heading home to do my arm work outs. Such as 2 reps of triceps; biceps; and laterals. As well as lunges’. Always productive.

Then I had my 1/3 water bottles of the day to equal 100%. I mainly do 3; 32 oz water bottles. I do go over lately.

After my work out. I took my vitamin D3 4000 units. Followed by a multi vitamin.

Now it’s almost 12pm- As I am looking at some fitness tips as well as meal ideas on Pinterest.

I forgot to mention I did brush my hair and teeth. 

Happy national iced tea day everyone.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and be well.