Celfie Makeup- Mob Candy LipSticks ❤️💄

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I recently did a blog on “Celfies Eye Shadows”. But today is the lip stick review that I promised everyone. Especially to the company “Celfie”. As you don’t know “Mob Candy” is a company that Renee Graziano launched from clothing to makeup. Let’s break down and review these shall we.


Like most lipsticks; it comes in a nicely compact tube. Which the logo of “Mob Candy”. As well these faux silver lining; in a double row of circles. That looks like a bracelet of a chain holding it. Giving a nice touch.
First shade is;

“Grazi Girl”;

Which is this beautiful shade of red. Not so much of a clown like red. Just a nice Crimson like shade. Which isn’t so harsh on the lips. I love how it looks so nice in pigment. As well as high in color too. This is pretty perfect for woman and young teens who is just trying to get over the fear of red lipsticks. I say it looks good on all hair colors. 🙂

Next shade is; Bermuda Beach;


Which is this nice baby pink like shade. Not so pink; not so light; smack in the middle of beautiful. Reminds me of a tropical vacation. When you just want to relax and have a cocktail. Like a blush wine; which is called “Rose”. So beautiful. Love it!

Next shade is Cotton Candy;


Oh wow! I love this! Cotton Candy! Makes me think of happy times. As well as carnivals. This is your nice shade of pink. Like a nice shade of pink. Not so over powering. Like most of these shades. It’s very high in pigment. Like Mac. I always loved cotton candy. Especially the cotton candy soap I have from Carla Facciolo’s line. Love it! Candy pink more like it.

Next shade is;



Reign is like Grazi Girl; But a little more dark to light. Overall a beautiful shade. Perfect for when you want to get over your fear of red lipstick. Which is a beautiful shade as I said; you can wear this causally as well as dressy. Go look at “Grazi Girl”.

Next shade is; “Nikki Nude”;


This is for the girl or woman who doesn’t want to wear a lot of makeup. This is for the girl or woman who loves to look natural. As well as enhance her beauty. As well this is perfect for middle school girls who want to wear lipstick with a little shine& shimmer. Without getting caught. Very nude and natural. One word “Flawless”.
And last shade is; “Fine Wine”;


Fine Wine; Reminds me of a nice glass of “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo”; Which is a wine that Carla Facciolo came out with last year. I have to say; this is like Reign& Grazi girl. A nice burgundy shade of red. Not so harsh; not so clown red. Just a beautiful wine color.

In closing; These shades are amazing. Very high in pigment. Kind of like Mac makeup; but when you want good makeup you have to pay. 💄❤️; This makeup is beautiful for young girls; young women& women of all ages. As well as all races’. My rating will be a 10/10. I have to say Renee picked awesome names for these shades. Cause it fits the description very well.

Once again a big shout out to Celfie Cosmetics. You ladies rock!

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